Lauren has been recently working with a candidate that was struggling to find her dream job in social care. Take a look below at the success story and how the candidate was placed within 22 days of being in contact with Lauren and Social Work Partners.

What was your situation before coming into contact with Lauren?

I relocated to London from India, and I was determined to secure myself a position as a Social Worker as I was qualified and registered. I started applying for jobs on various job portals as there were plenty of jobs. I applied for nearly 1000+ jobs but I always got a phone call from recruiters who would ask ‘’Do you have work experience in the UK?’’, ‘’You are not qualified enough to work in the UK’’, ‘’You will never get a job in the UK without experience’’, ‘’Have you completed you ASYE’’ and so on. It was very disheartening to get rejected before getting an interview, but I kept applying! In the meantime, I did various jobs like working in restaurants, as a delivery rider and as a teaching assistant.


I approached a recruiter on LinkedIn, and he said he will pass my contact details to his colleague Lauren. I kept thinking that even this time I am going to get rejected on the phone like I always did, and I remember the day Lauren called me and took my details. She said don’t worry, you have a good profile, and I will definitely find you something. In the time frame of 22 days, Lauren scheduled me with 5 interviews and provided all the support I needed, and she was very positive about finding me my dream job. Lauren provided me with literature to study which was very helpful during the interview process. She is the best recruiter I have worked with.


Before every interview she would give me a lovely text ‘’ Good luck for this afternoon! I hope all goes well and you’re feeling up to the challenge 😀 I’m sure you’ll do great! Take your time with your answers, give examples and lots of details, and don’t be scared to be human – ask if you need a question broken down or repeated, explain there may be some gaps in your knowledge but let your desire to do the role and your passion for working with children and families to come through and you’ll be onto a winner ☺️ let me know how it goes I’ll be thinking of you xx’’ 


I finally got my dream job and the very first thing I did was call Lauren and she seemed happier than I was! The trust she had in me motivated me to perform better in the interviews. She never gave up on me. She was the first one to have trust in me and found me my dream job.

  • Are you able to explain the step-by-step process you had with SWP?

It was quite simple and easy. All I had to do was to send my CV and Lauren, who was my recruiter, asked me what roles I was interested in, and it was all done. No long formalities at all.

  • How long did it take to get a role?

It took me 22 days to get my dream role.

We want to say a huge congratulations to Lauren for this amazing feedback.

If you are looking for your dream job within permanent social work recruitment, you can contact Lauren at [email protected]