SWP have been working with a council in the South East of England that needed additional support within Children’s Services but had decided they did not want to bring in a project team.  They were looking for something more innovative and chose to bring in a bank of peripatetic experienced social workers who would sit within the teams and assist where required.

Initially the council approached the agencies on their Preferred Supplier List to tender for this team and Social Work Partners (SWP) were one of the agencies who responded providing a clear report and tender.

See below the feedback given about working with Social Work Partners:

“SWP asked pertinent and relevant questions throughout the discussions to ensure they supplied the right candidates for the teams.  They have provided strong candidates throughout and held their own rigorous interview process, withdrawing candidates initially submitted, because they did not feel they were as strong as others.  I really appreciated their honesty around this process.

All workers have been provided with full compliance within the agreed deadlines, which were tight, with only one pushback due to the London Pledge which was out of SWP’s control.  The workers are in and settled and are providing great support to Children’s Services and the delivery of the team has been smooth and professional.

I have worked with Sonny Cogan throughout this exercise and cannot recommend Sonny and the team at SWP highly enough.  Their wealth of experience has been proven by the quality and suitability of candidates provided in such a timely manner and their communication has been faultless.

SWP have genuine consultants who wish to uphold their professional reputation and I really appreciate working with consultants that care about the client, but also their workers.  They have been transparent, honest and professional throughout and their regular updates have kept me informed, enabling me to report regularly back to Children’s Services.

If you are in need of quality experienced workers to assist with the current demands of social care, I would highly recommend Social Work Partners and Sonny Cogan who have certainly provided exactly what was needed in a timely, professional but friendly way and I look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.”

We want to say a huge congratulations to Sonny and the team for this amazing feedback!

If you are looking to work with Sonny, you can contact him at [email protected]